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Every time I go to a wedding, (and, if your honest you do this too!) I always want to see what art has been created with the wedding cake! I will never forget the first time I saw a “Cupcake Tower.”  At the time it was so creative and so fun! Looking back, it was simply three of four different flavors of cupcakes, tastefully decorated and stacked on a five-level tower of platforms. But as the years have passed, artistic bakers and chefs continue to raise the bar and keep the wedding cake, and, cupcake intriguing.

I would LOVE to see a gutsy planner and her bride-to-be take the leap and suspend their cupcakes! Nothing will excite the guests like gazing at a careful display of cupcakes, suspended by ribbon! Imagine helping yourself to one of these…you wouldn’t. They’re too pretty! Thoughtfully, this wedding had plenty of cupcakes arranged on the table as well.

Wedding Cupcakes
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How about giving your guests the feel of cupcakes “en flambe!”  How I would love to be a guest at a wedding when a dozen servers walk out, after dark, with trays of cupcakes topped with lit sparklers, quickly setting them down for us all to “ooh and ahhh” over before we eat!  Wouldn’t you just feel compelled to stand and applaud?

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Pink, elegant, lacy, and a little touch of vintage.  These cupcakes are just plain girly and simply beautiful.

Make the icing any color you like, and these ruffle cupcakes are a perfect fit for a vintage wedding!

At Jessicakes (, you can DIY these beauties!

This isn’t just any cupcake tower.  I just love the bling–edible pearl candies and sparkling sugar! And with so many unique designs, you could choose any flavor to surprise on the inside.

Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner
Inspired by Dream Cakes Bakery

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