Lake Don Pedro CA Engagement {Riki & Jason}

Jason and Riki met 4 years ago at Lake Don Pedro, (California). It truly was love at first sight. Jason was on his boat and Riki was on her sister and brother-in-law’s boat. They met up and tied their boats together for the day. Later that night Riki got a text message from a random number and there he was. They have been together every day since. Jason purposed back in June 2012. He suprised Riki with a trip to Monteray, CA. Riki thought they were going just for the day but he had packed her a bag of her things and planned a suprise weekend get away! The day started with the two of them attending the Monteray Bay aquariuam followed by lunch. After lunch Jason drove them over to lovers point. They walked out over to the end of a cliff and Jason dropped down to one knee and proposed to Riki with her dream ring. They spent the rest of that weekend wine tasting and enjoying every mintue of being with each other celebrating. They plan to wed Aug. 24 2013.

Photographer:  Jamie Bearg Photography//

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  1. Nancy Hill

    Riki’s photographer put this together.

  2. Janie Griffin

    I’m so proud for you Riki. I love you very much.

  3. Katie Mayfield

    OMG I am obsessed with these! Such great photos!

  4. Tammy Truett-Pifer

    Wow these are fabulous

  5. Darlene Gonsalves Coulter


  6. Kailyn Brammer

    All the pictures are awesome but I like the umbrella ones the best, they’re different and unique :)

  7. TiffnRob Stinson

    Congrats! Love you!

  8. Darlene Gonsalves Coulter


  9. Mary Anderson

    what a beautiful story…stunning pictures. Congratulations and many many blessings…

  10. Amanda Gallegos

    Soooo gorgeous what a great location! Love the props!

  11. Stacy Rose Beason

    These photo’s are just gorgeous–fantastic photography!

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