Wedding Row California reaches brides by publishing inspirational photography from California Weddings and engagement sessions throughout the State.  Our advertisers and preferred California vendors see targeted click throughs to their websites.  Advertising through Wedding Row California is very, very affordable.

Here are the ad rates:

A large ad gets the most exposure of any of our ads on the site.  It receives the most impressions and the most clicks.  We have five rotating slots (10 advertisers) available.  The cost for this space is $60 per month or $150 for 90 days.  The best way to make sure that you get the most possible exposure is to choose a “subscription” when purchasing the ad space.  Click here to purchase an ad in this space.



The medium sized ad gets the next highest amounts in impressions and clicks.  These two spaces reside just under the large ad spaces on the right side of the website.  This space is $40 per month or $100 every 90 days and with very limited space, the best way to make sure your ad gets noticed is through our subscription program.  Click here to purchase and ad in this ad space.

The small ad space is our most affordable banner ad option.  It gets great exposure for such a lot cost however.  The price of this ad space is $20 per month or $50 for 90 days and we also offer a subscription option for this space as well.  Click here to purchase an ad in this space.




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