wedding rock sweets

Weddings have their own set of traditions that make the event special. For instance, brides walk down the aisle in a beautiful white gown, couples celebrate with a massive cake, and guests get several souvenirs from the occasion. The last one could be anything from cute figurines to rock sweets. wedding rock sweets are quite popular especially in the UK where they are given away to all the guests. This type of hard candy is usually made by hand and the design can be customised to fit the preferences of the bride and groom. They certainly add charm to any wedding with their sweet taste and cute patterns.

Extra information about wedding rock sweets

How Rock Sweets Get Made

Craftsmen have been making traditional seaside rock for over a century. The process followed today has not changed much since the early days. It is still done mostly by hand with the help of a large sugar boiler. The key ingredients are water, glucose syrup, and granulated sugar. They are all poured into a copper pan and mixed together until completely dissolved. The mixture is then heated to 300 degrees until the desired consistency is reached. This will be poured onto a wide table for cooling so that it can be handled for kneading. A machine is often used to aerate the mixture which turns it from clear to white.

Other parts of the mixture will be combined with food colourings. These will make up the letters and other design elements inside the sweets. They will also be used for the outer shell. Craftsmen are able to create impress patterns by simply layering thin strips of coloured and white toffee. The exterior strips are laid out on a table and rolled to cover the white toffee mass. They may seem big at first but everything will shrink once the roll is stretched to its final size. Only once the rock has set will it be cut to the desired length and wrapped into individual clear cellophane for protection.

Options for Orders

The look of these sweets can go into an infinite number of directions. Craftsmen can adjust various parameters to achieve the design requested by customers. For instance, it would be easy to change the colours of the exterior shell and the lettering inside. This means you can match the wedding's theme without any problems. Go for a shades of blue and red or make it lighter with yellows and greens. Make it fluffy pink and purple or go for earth tones like orange and brown. The letters can spell out the name of the bride and groom. The flavours can also be changed to peppermint, mixed fruits, and so on.

Great for Weddings

Sweets never run out of style. People love to eat candy all the time, so why not give them some during weddings? Sugar has a way of making us feel good and happy which is definitely welcome in an occasion like this. The kids will surely love these colourful rocks and adults will feel nostalgic with the treat.